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The Importanse of Spelling
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    Last Updated on August 25, 2017
    Privacy Policy

    Each year New Trbes Mission hosts their an annual NTM Headquarters staff appreciation dinner. They serve a delicious BBQ dinner and recognize missionaries who have served at NTM U.S. Headquarters for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or even 35 years. Afterwards, our fellow missionaries usually have an opportunity to share skits, comedy, or music.

    As missionaries, we are communicators, communicating the Gospel of Christ with the unreached, communicating with our fellow missionaries, and communicating with our prayer and financial partners. I have at times seen missionary newsletters with some pretty significant spelling or grammar mistakes. So this prompted me to create and share a tongue-in-cheek presentation on The Importanse of Spelling at our 2007 NTM Headquarters staff appreciation dinner.

    If you have Microsoft PowerPoint or their free PowerPoint viewer, you can view my presentation, The Importanse of Spelling.

    Or you can just scroll down and read the text of the presentation below, but it's more fun to watch the PowerPoint presentation.









    The Importanse of Spelling

    by John Oliver

    NTM HQ Staff Appreciation Dinner

    May 10, 2007

    Spelling is Important

    Why?  Because if you don’t spell right, people mite think your dumb or just knot care full. 

    Spelling has an affect on folks

    It will effect what people think of you. This is true for your miner children two.  So bee a grate egg sample to them! Take time to check you’re spelling.

    Thank you notes

    When folks right thank you notes to there friends and supporters, they should try reel hard to spell correct and too use good grammar. 


    Due this, of coarse, when your righting on stationary or sending emails.  Its apart of bean excepted as a good rider, rather then your letters being a site four sore eyes. 

    The Mane Thing

    The amount of mistakes that folks makes is a mute point.  The mane thing, the principle thing is that awl them words are spelt rite.


    Some times you try and read a letter And ewe can hardly make cents of there sentences.  Their spelling is weigh off And there hole email or not is fool of miss takes. 


    Are spelling can show how care full we our in utter matters to. Remember, won of NTM’s core values: Excellence in what wee due.


    With computers and technology, though, you don't have to be reel smart to spell properly, accept when your handwriting a note.   Bee a good speller.  Use the technology; you wont brake it. 

    Spell Checker

    I use to spell bad, but now I use the spell checker, just like I did with this presentation hear.  Eye checked it and it said know errors, accept fore the won mistake in the title slide, (that was awn porpoise). 

    People will Notice

    Than folks will wander how you ever learnt to spell sew good.  Don't be vein, though, because weather you no it or knot, their maybe other mistakes in your letters that you haven't even noticed. Happy Spelling!