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Photo Album - 2005
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    Last Updated on June 2, 2014
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    A nice shot of our family - We're standing on the new Sanford Riverwalk, on Lake Monroe behind the New Tribes Mission headquarters.

    Here we're seated on one of the Riverwalk benches

    Nicholas, Joy, and Hannah sitting on the dock at Grammie and Grandpa Alan's lake.

    The kids' AWANA Grand Prix cars. The cars have the same design, but different colors with different drivers. Nicholas' car is being driven by Mr. Lunt (from Veggie Tales) while Joy has a cat and Hannah has a dog.

    Nicholas, Joy, and Hannah (in their AWANA uniforms) showing off their AWANA Grand Prix cars and their trophies. Hannah won third place for speed in the Sparks division and Nicholas won third place in the T 'n T (Truth and Training) division.

    Each year volunteers come down to NTM headquarters and help with various projects. This year they upgraded several of the older kitchens and we were number two on the list! We've included several photos before and after our extreme kitchen makeover.

    Old Kitchen - refrigerator, sink, dishwasher

    New Kitchen - refrigerator, sink, dishwasher. They made the upper cabinets taller, to give us more cabinet space. Notice also the new vinyl floor tile.

    Old Kitchen - Microwave, Stove

    New Kitchen - Microwave, Stove. These upper cabinets are taller also and they installed a microwave shelf to free up more counter space.

    Old Kitchen - Dishwasher, Breakfast bar (on right)

    New Kitchen - Dishwasher, Breakfast bar (on right). The lower cabinets (under the breakfast bar) are deeper, giving us more cabinet space and more counter space. Our breakfast bar is really a music center, as we found it to be a good place to keep our new electronic keyboard readily accessible; Nicholas and Joy are both taking piano lessons.