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John & Paula Oliver - Missionaries with New Tribes Mission

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Newsletter 28 - June 2001

NTM Aviation

New Tribes Mission focuses primarily on reaching unreached people groups with the good news of Jesus Christ. Many of these unreached people are in remote locations that cannot be reached by car and are quite difficult (and time-consuming) to reach by foot or boat. In order to expedite the delivery of the gospel to these folks, NTM has in many countries developed a flight program where single-engine planes are used to transport missionaries, supplies, and mail into and out of tribal locations.

After completing missionary training, missionary pilots spend time at our NTM Aviation center in McNeal, Arizona, learning the special techniques of tribal aviation. Their airplane mechanic skills are refined and they learn the intricacies of landing and taking off from jungle and mountainside airstrips.

NTM Aviation in McNeal also serves as the supply center for aircraft parts and avionics equipment for our aircraft around the world. Several years ago, it became clear that the computer programs in use at McNeal were not capable of meeting FAA requirements for tracking serial numbers and lot numbers of parts. I had the opportunity to visit McNeal and do some preliminary systems analysis. I was encouraged that, with a number of enhancements, our NTM Accounting & Administrative system could meet their need; it would be some time, however, before the NTMAA system was complete.

In late 1999, we finished the necessary subsystems of the NTMAA system (just in time for Y2K) and in 2000 I was able to add various enhancements to the Purchasing/Inventory/Sales module for NTM Aviation. In January 2001, then, our entire family drove out to Arizona and I had the privilege of installing the NTMAA system (which, in McNeal, stands for the NTM Aviation Accounting system). I helped transition the data from their old programs, trained the NTM Aviation personnel in the system operation, and customized the system further to help improve productivity.

On our trip and while in Arizona, we were also able to visit family and friends (Paula and the kids stayed with her parents in Tucson while I was in McNeal) and to share ministry updates with several churches.

Prayer & Praise

Thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and support. We appreciate your continued prayers for our family and for guidance and direction in our programming. Let us know how we can be praying for you also.

Your missionaries,

John, Paula, Nicholas, Joy, and Hannah Oliver J


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