The Oliver Family Newsletter

John & Paula Oliver - Missionaries with New Tribes Mission

Serving at NTM International Headquarters in Sanford, Florida

Newsletter 26 - August 2000

Yes! Weíre finally on the web! Iíve been learning about HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language Ė thatís what web pages are made of) and web site design and have been working on a small web site for our family at If you have access to the internet, stop by our web site sometime. Youíll find our recent newsletters on the site, as well as a family photo album. As time permits, we plan to continue making various enhancements to the site.

On our web site, we have also included some links to various Ministry resources, Christian resources, Parenting resources, and other useful and interesting web sites for you to explore. We want our web site to be not only an information center for our missionary ministry, but also a valuable resource for you. So, the next time youíre on the internet, steer your web browser over to and have a look around. Let us know what you think. Weíve included a form on our web site that you can use to send us prayer requests, to give feedback or suggestions for the website, or just to say "Hello".

Family Matters

Paula keeps busy in her many roles as wife, mother, teacher, nurse, cook, secretary, and friend. She has recently started homeschooling Nicholas and Joy and is enjoying the opportunity to work with the kids. One of our fellow missionaries here told her about the Handwriting without Tears program, which we have since purchased and are finding a great resource.

Nicholas has finished kindergarten and is now starting first grade. He has made good progress in his reading and writing and is a sharp student. We can see his understanding growing as he matures and asks insightful questions. He enjoys reading books, swimming, and playing with friends and family. He is learning to be a leader for his two younger sisters and to set a good example for them.

Joy had her third birthday on June 28 and is continually expanding her vocabulary; sometimes she just loves to echo everything we say. She is quite a character, full of life and joy, and generally loves to run, skip, or bounce anywhere she goes. Her most recent victory has been graduating from diapers to the "big girl" toilet.

Hannah turned one on April 18 and is now quite mobile. Walking is becoming her favorite mode of transportation, but she is still more comfortable using one hand to steady herself. Hannah is a very content baby with bright smiling eyes and enjoys being with people. Sheís starting to take a little interest in food, but still loves Mamaís milk the best.

In addition to my ministry with NTM, I keep busy taking care of our family, finances, newsletters, and, of course, keeping our computer up and running. In May, I had the opportunity to be a virus-fighter when the LOVELETTER email virus attempted (successfully, sad to say) to invade our computer. Iíve been under the weather with two health problems recently (a salivary duct stone, and a digestive tract infection caused by the antibiotics used to treat the salivary duct infection), so I would appreciate your prayers to get back to my normal good health.

Thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and support. We appreciate your continued prayer for our relationships with God and each other, for our health, for wisdom in training our children, and for guidance and direction in our programming. Let us know how we can be praying for you also.

Your missionaries,

John, Paula, Nicholas, Joy, and Hannah Oliver J

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