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Newsletter #24 December 1999

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Why Too Kay?

Why too what? Why too Kay, or, as most folks spell it, Y2K - the year 2000 computer bug. Who knows what the new year will bring? Minor headaches, major disruptions, total chaos, or just another year? Who knows? God knows, He's in control, and He's working out His plan.

Many computer programs written over the years used only 2 digits to represent 4 digit years. That worked fine for a long time, but poses significant problems when the two digits roll over from 99 to 00. Most of these programs, if left unfixed, would not work properly. Fortunately, most companies, including New Tribes Mission, are aware of this Y2K problem and have been working to fix their Y2K bugs.

NTMAA System

For the past eight years, we have been developing a new NTMAA (NTM Accounting & Administrative) system for New Tribes Mission. Our system, at present, has 27 subsystems, including: general ledger, donor/receipting, vendor/disbursement, transfers, adjusting entries, bank reconciliation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, transaction processing, address maintenance, sales tax, personnel records, purchasing/inventory/orders, subscription, publications, medical insurance, computer equipment, representation, life insurance, property, and SUMMIT (our short-term missions program).

As we have completed each subsystem, we have installed it here at NTM International Headquarters, slowly migrating the mission off older computer programs which had been running on a midrange computer and which were not Y2K ready.
As we have researched, designed, and programmed each subsystem, we have attempted to make it flexible (to meet future needs) and to enhance our co-workers productivity (thus reducing the number of folks needed on home staff). We also plan to add multi-currency support to the system, so that it can eventually be made available to other NTM locations as a worldwide accounting & administrative system.

Payroll Subsystem

Recently, our main project has been to complete our new payroll subsystem (part of the NTMAA system). It is quite a complex subsystem, responsible to calculate each missionary's monthly wage (based on total donations received for him during the month), assess various charges, withhold federal, state, and local income taxes, social security and Medicare taxes, disburse funds to 403B retirement accounts, calculate parsonage allowance, print statements, disburse funds either directly to the missionary, to his bank account, or to his field, and print various payroll reports.

We are happy and thankful to report that in November we successfully made the transition to the new payroll system. This was especially important, since the old payroll system was not Y2K ready.

Our Growing Family

Prayer & Praise

Thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and support. Let us know how we can be praying for you also. Have a Joyful Christmas and a Happy Y2K!

By His Grace,

John, Paula, Nicholas, Joy & Hannah  :)