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    Last Updated on April 3, 2017
    Privacy Policy

    The Oliver family at the Little Pink Houses of Hope beach 
      retreat - September 2012.

    To help keep folks updated with news and prayer requests for our family and ministry, we try to write up a short news and/or prayer update each month; below are our latest Oliver Family Updates:

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    We also invite you to visit (and/or subscribe to) our Pilgrim's Pathway blog
    (at, where Paula shares her heart and thoughts.

    April 2017

    We can hardly believe that our youngest daughter, Hannah, will turn 18 on April 18th and then graduate from high school next month! Joy also expects to complete her AA degree next month, then continue onward for a BSN Nursing degree. Nicholas is also thinking of taking some classes part-time to continue working toward an AA degree.

    At NTM, I continue to support and enhance our NTMAA accounting system, helping fellow missionaries in person, on the phone, and via the internet. At home, I would appreciate prayer (for guidance & decisions) as I continue working on my deceased father's financial affairs. Paula would appreciate prayer also, as she's been having some knee & hip pain.

    March 2017

    Paula is now done with chemo - yeah! She still has eight more months of IV Herceptin infusions, and has recently also started a new hormone blocker. Her neuropathy, a side effect of the chemo treatments, is also now getting better, for which we are thankful!

    Meanwhile, Hannah re-took the ACT test recently, and improved her score enough to now qualify for the best Florida Bright Futures scholarship! She's planning to attend Seminole State College, where she's already been taking classes as a dual enrollment student.

    At NTM, I just finished an enhancement to further automate processing of web credit card donations, hopefully saving our finance office personnel several hours each week.

    Last month also, NTM moved their U.S. headquarters down the street, from the older (1925) three story hotel at 1000 East 1st Street, to the newer six story tower at 312 West 1st Street. Several of us had already moved our offices down to the tower several months ago, so it's nice now to have some more folks around.

    We have two special prayer requests for you:

    • You may recall that Hannah has had difficulty with double-vision for a couple years now. She has recently started some vision therapy to help with this. We would appreciate prayer that it would be effective in eliminating her double vision.
    • Much of my spare time is now being spent in the various tasks relating to my father's estate and financial affairs. I would appreciate prayer for guidance in the various decisions and details.

    February 2017

    On Sunday, January 15, my brother and sister had loaded up my dad's earthly possessions, and were planning to drive him down to an ALF in Central Florida, where we had a room reserved for him. That morning, however, as my aunt was helping my dad get ready for the trip, he collapsed and was taken to the ER. The next day, surrounded by loved ones (including us, connected in by video), he passed away peaceably of end stage congestive heart failure.

    We were preparing a place for him down here, but God had a place reserved for him in Heaven. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16).

    In honor of my dad, we've added a link to his obituary on our website menu (on the left).

    On Friday, January 20, we had a memorial service and buried my father's body a few feet away from his parent's graves in Pinellas Park, Florida. We will miss him; we miss him already.

    We appreciate your prayers for our extended family during this time, for me as I work toward wrapping up his financial affairs over the coming months, and for Paula as she continues to deal with some neuropathy side effects from her chemo.

    January 2017

    December 30 was our 27th wedding anniversary and Paula's 6th cancer-versary, six years since Paula's doctor found a cancerous lump in her left breast; unfortunately, this past year, a small lump was found in her remaining breast. Paula has since had another mastectomy, is now undergoing weekly chemo infusions, and has also started a year of IV Herceptin infusions every third week.

    At NTM, we're getting ready to send tax forms (W2s and 1095s) again, so I've been researching and updating our 1095 program for reporting medical insurance coverage.

    Nicholas is continuing to work full-time at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, renting a nearby condo with a couple other roommates.

    Joy and Hannah are both taking classes at Seminole State College - Joy as a full-time college student, Hannah as a dual-enrolled high school senior. Meanwhile, Joy also works part time at a family owned jewelry store here in Sanford.

    My dad's health has declined quite a bit recently. He's been living with his sister in South Carolina, but now we're planning to move him closer to us, to an assisted living facility here in nearby Lake Mary.

    Here are some of our praise and prayer requests for 2017:


    • Thank God for His great salvation and the work He is doing around the world, reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ. Pray that He would continue to raise up folks to partner with us in this important task - through going, giving, and praying.
    • Pray for us in our relationships: with God, with each other, with our children, with others - that we would be the man & woman, husband & wife, Dad & Mom that God wants us to be.
    • Pray for Hannah, as she's still dealing with frequent double-vision. We've seen two new eye doctors this year and are looking at the possibility of some vision therapy to help reduce the double vision.
    • Pray for Paula, as she continues through breast cancer treatment - with the remaining weeks of chemo and then a year of Herceptin.
    • Pray for our children - for Nicholas as he's out on his own, and for Joy and Hannah as they seek the Lord's guidance and provision regarding colleges, scholarships, and direction in life.
    • Pray for my dad, as his health has been declining; we're looking to move him to an Assisted Living Facility down here closer to us.
    • Pray that God would give us humble hearts and make us a real blessing with family, friends, neighbors, believers, and unbelievers.

    Thanks for your love, prayers, and encouragement!

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