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    Last Updated on August 25, 2017
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    The following are some Christian resources that you may find helpful.

    Answers In Genesis
    Answers in Genesis seeks to provide answers from Genesis to make Jesus Christ relevant to the Church and world today. They have a number of excellent articles on their website relating to Genesis and creation.

    Bible Gateway
    The Bible Gateway allows you to display any Bible passage in a number of different Bible versions. It also includes a search engine to search the Bible for specific words.

    Bible Study Tools
    This site, part of the netowrk, includes access to a number of commentaries, devotionals, Bible translations, and other Bible study tools.

    Nationwide Church Directory
    Looking for a church in your area? The Nationwide Church directory lists over 200,000 churches in the U.S.

    Biblical Studies Foundation
    The Biblical Studies Foundation has a number of Bible study materials available online.

    Reverend Fun Cartoons
    For a little humor, the folks at Reverend Fun Cartoons produce a new cartoon most every day. They are available to include in newsletters and on websites.

    Gospel Communications
    Gospel Communications has links to a number of online Christian resources.