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Oliver Family Updates - 2019
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    Last Updated on April 6, 2020
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    December 2019

    Christmas Greetings from the Oliver family!

    Here's some of our latest news & updates:

    • We recently took the Sunrail train and spent a day with Nicholas, who lives and works in Orlando.
    • Joy, who lives with us, expects to complete her BSN nursing degree this month, and then start working for an Orlando hospital early next year.
    • Hannah rents a room in Daytona Beach and has one more year to receive her Bachelor degree in Math Education at DSC.
    • Paula and I serve with Ethnos360 here in Sanford, where I help support our NTM Accounting & Administrative (NTMAA) system and also have been helping Ethnos360 migrate to an external payroll service (Paylocity).
    We have much to be thankful for - starting with God's gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ His Son! We wish you a Joyous Christmas season and a Happy New Year!

    November 2019

    At Ethnos360 headquarters, my main project for the past several months (in addition to supporting our NTMAA accounting system) has been to help transition our monthly payroll process to Paylocity.  

    I'm happy to report that we successfully ran our first "live" payroll with Paylocity on October 30!  We had some glitches and mistakes, as expected - but overall, it went well, pretty smoothly.  Thanks for praying!  Now we start preparing for phase 2 (in January 2020) - for Paylocity to also start administering our missionary insurance plans (medical, life, evacuation).

    Paula is over in New Smyrna Beach for the week, volunteering with Little Pink Houses of Hope (  Back in 2012, when we were going through Paula's first breast cancer, our family was treated to a special week-long beach retreat (in Oak Island, NC), so now Paula volunteers each year to serve other families dealing with breast cancer.  While there, she also looks for opportunities to plant seeds and share the love of Christ - with families who realize, more than most, that our remaining time on earth can be very short.

    October 2019

    Our Nicholas celebrated his 26th birthday October 1, Hannah continues her Secondary Math Education studies at Daytona State, and Joy is now in her final semester at UCF, working toward her BSN degree.

    At Ethnos360 headquarters, final preparations and testing are underway, as we hope to run our first "live" payroll with Paylocity this month or next. Our payroll process routes the donations (received throughout the month) to our fellow missionaries around the world, deducting various fees, taxes, insurance premiums, parsonage allowance, retirement, and HSA contributions. We've had to make several process changes to conform to a more standard payroll system, so we appreciate your prayers that all will go well.

    September 2019

    Joy took and passed her NCLEX board exam and is now officially a Registered Nurse! One semester left now to receive her BSN from UCF. Hannah's fall semester at Daytona State has started also, with math and teaching classes, while she also continues working as a math tutor at their academic support center.

    A friend and missionary co-worker, Teresa Holmgren, passed away this past month, after a 4 year battle with breast cancer, that eventually spread to her brain and other areas. We're thankful that Teresa is with the Lord, and appreciate prayer for her husband, Tim, and six children, two of which are still at home.

    We appreciate your prayers also for: finding a good, reasonably priced shop to find & fix a leak where rain water is soaking the carpet in Hannah's 2003 Civic, and guidance for our payroll team at Ethnos360 as we learn the Paylocity platform and figure out how best to implement or modify our existing processes.

    August 2019

    After years of hard work, we're excited that Joy has just completed her Associate Degree in Nursing through Seminole State College and received her nursing pin on August 1! Later this year, she expects to receive her Bachelors Degree in Nursing in her concurrent program with University of Central Florida.

    Meanwhile, Hannah is making good progress toward her Bachelor degree in Math Education at Daytona State College. This summer, she's also been working as a math tutor at their Academic Support Center and providing supplemental review sessions for students enrolled in one of the summer math courses.

    At Ethnos360, my main project currently, along with supporting our NTMAA accounting system, is helping transition our month-end payroll processing to an external service. We've successfully loaded our payroll data (deductions, tax status, disbursements, etc.) into Paylocity and plan to start testing later this month.

    July 2019

    Toward the end of June, Paula and I flew to New York, then drove over to New Hampshire for her sister's June 22 wedding. The following weekend, with Hannah home for the weekend, we met Nicholas and his girlfriend down in Orlando, for some fun & pizza, to celebrate Joy's birthday (June 28) and mine (July 4).

    As part of her nursing curriculum, Joy has started a summer practicum in the pediatrics department of a local hospital. Meanwhile, Hannah is helping this summer as a math tutor at Daytona State College. Nicholas is continuing to work for both Disney World and Universal Studios down in Orlando.

    At Ethnos360, we're continuing to prepare for our transition to an external payroll service, Paylocity, later this year. We have most of the programming completed for phase 1, and are starting to think through some complexities of phase 2, when Paylocity will also handle our medical & life insurance benefits.

    June 2019

    At Ethnos360, we've started having weekly meetings with Paylocity, as we look toward transitioning our monthly payroll process to their service later this year. We've also been evaluating cloud-based software packages to keep track of donations, and have selected software (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations) to use for the general ledger accounting.

    Meanwhile, I continue to support our existing NTMAA accounting system, which is used at our U.S. headquarters, stateside branches, and many of our overseas locations. This past month, I was able to provide some special assistance to our Bolivia and Philippines field bookkeepers.

    May 2019

    During Joy's break between her Spring and Summer semesters at nursing school, we took a few days off to enjoy a nice family vacation, along with my mom & stepdad, at a resort in Ormond Beach. Hannah was not able to join us, as her semester had not ended yet, but we were able to spend a little time with her, as she rents a room in nearby Daytona Beach while attending Daytona State. Later in the week, we spent a day at Volcano Bay water park in Orlando and were able to meet our son, Nicholas, there also.

    At Ethnos360, we're working toward outsourcing our monthly payroll process to a payroll company (Paylocity) later this year. I've started working on the programs to do an initial export of employee data and a monthly export of payroll data, and also programs to process the post-payroll data received from Paylocity each month. We're also looking forward to watching their training videos over the weeks ahead, to learn more about how to best utilize their payroll system and services here at Ethnos360.

    April 2019

    In March, our daughters both enjoyed a week long Spring Break from their college classes. Joy had a special treat of accompanying Paula on a fun two night cruise from Palm Beach, FL, to Freeport in the Bahamas.

    At home, Paula has been enjoying working in her garden areas - pulling weeds, putting down more pine bark nuggets (with cardboard and weed block underneath) and planting beautiful flowers! Inside our home, we continue working on minor projects. This past month, one of our toilets started leaking under the base, so we ended up replacing the wax seal underneath, and then later the fill valve in the tank also.

    At Ethnos360, we've now selected a Payroll services company to help with our monthly payroll process. In preparation for that, I've written up a tentative Payroll Transition Plan with various phases and to clarify what NTMAA programming changes will be needed to outsource our payroll processing later this year.

    March 2019

    We're happy to report that, after six months of on and off looking, we finally found and purchased a 2012 Honda Civic (to replace our 2003 Honda Civic, which we passed on to Hannah in August). Our new Civic does have rust on some engine components (from spending the first three years of its life in New York) and could use a new paint job, but is running well and we are once again enjoying the nice gas mileage!

    At Ethnos360, Paula and I were able to participate in a week-long SYIS (Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills) workshop, which included sessions such as Relationship Killers, Loving Listening, Resolving Conflicts, Managing Stress, Maintaining Margin, and Being an Encourager. We learned a lot and hope to apply some of these tools now in our marriage and other relationships.

    Meanwhile, I'm continuing to support our NTMAA accounting & administrative system, helping as part of our EIS (Enterprise Information Systems) core team, and serving as technical lead on our Payroll outsourcing project.

    February 2019

    At Ethnos360, we're looking to move our payroll processing from our NTMAA accounting system to a cloud-based payroll service over the next few months, so I've been busy researching various payroll services. (As missionaries funded via ministry support donations through Ethnos360, the IRS considers us employees; thus, Ethnos360 utilizes a monthly payroll process, provides year-end W2s & 1095s, etc.)

    In family news, Paula had a special surprise last month: Two of her sisters flew in from Arizona and joined Paula and Kathy (the fourth sister, who winters in Florida) for a sisters week together in Ft. Pierce.

    Joy and Hannah enjoyed their winter break, and are now back in their busy school routines. Nicholas was recently able to purchase a nice 2005 Ford Focus from one of our retired missionaries. His older 1998 Toyota Corolla had been having some issues and then actually died just a few days after purchasing the Ford - so that was a blessing to be able to purchase this newer vehicle from a fellow missionary.

    Meanwhile, Paula and I are also still looking for a nice used small car to replace our 2003 Honda Civic, which we passed on to Hannah - so we'd appreciate your prayers for guidance and provision of a nice replacement vehicle at a good price.

    January 2019

    December 30 was our 29th wedding anniversary and Paula's 8th cancer-versary, eight years since Paula's doctor found a cancerous lump in her left breast. We're thankful that, after her more recent second cancer in 2016 (this last time in her right breast), Paula is doing very well, with a status of NED (No Evidence of Disease)!

    We finished 2018 off quietly, enjoying some family time over the holidays. It's been especially nice having Hannah back home with us for a month, as both girls have been enjoying their winter break.

    Nicholas is continuing to work full-time at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, renting a nearby condo with a couple other roommates.

    Joy received her AA degree in 2017 and has now completed three additional semesters, working toward her ASN (from SSC) and BSN (from UCF) Nursing degrees.

    Hannah completed her AA degree at Seminole State in 2018, and is currently renting a room from a Christian family in Daytona, as she works toward a BS in Secondary Math Education at Daytona State.

    At Ethnos360, I'm continuing to support our NTMAA accounting system, while also helping in a consultative role as we look to migrate to cloud-based CRM, HR, and Finance systems in the years ahead.

    Here are some of our praise and prayer requests for 2019:


    • Thank God for His great salvation and the work He is doing around the world, reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ. Pray that He would continue to raise up folks to partner with us in this important task - through going, giving, and praying.
    • Pray for us in our relationships: with God, with each other, with our children, with others - that we would be the man & woman, husband & wife, Dad & Mom that God wants us to be.
    • Pray for Hannah, as she's still dealing with some double-vision. She went through nine months of specialized vision therapy and is continuing with ongoing vision therapy exercises on her own.
    • Pray for our children - for Nicholas as he's out on his own, for Joy working toward Nursing degrees, and for Hannah, renting a room in Daytona Beach, as she works toward a Math Education degree. We desire for them all to know, love, and walk with the Lord.
    • Praise that Paula is done with doing well health-wise, getting trim and fit again! Pray that she continues to stay cancer-free, and that she can continue to hold off on any hernia or knee surgery.
    • Pray that God would give us humble hearts and make us a real blessing with family, friends, neighbors, believers, and unbelievers.

    Thanks for your love, prayers, and encouragement!