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Oliver Family Updates - 2015
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    Last Updated on August 25, 2017
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    December 2015

    November was a full month for our family. Our biggest home project was replacing the laminate floor in two of our bedrooms. You may recall that in May of last year, while we were on vacation for a few days, a 1/4" plastic line to our refrigerator developed a crack while we were on vacation and flooded much of our house!

    Replacing the laminate was quite a process - moving the furniture out, removing the baseboards and molding, removing and disposing of the old laminate, removing nails and scraping old caulk from the walls and baseboards, vacuuming the room, cutting the laminate planks to the correct length and width (while making sure to stagger the joints and keep a gap around the walls), installing the laminate planks and tapping each one into place, re-painting the baseboards, using a nail gun to nail the baseboards back in place, applying fresh caulk to the baseboards, and finally moving the furniture back in.

    Whew! It makes me tired just listing the steps! In any case, it's been a good learning experience, though, and now we're more experienced at installing laminate.

    Paula and Joy had a special opportunity this past month. They spent a week in New Smyrna Beach volunteering (as volun-stars) with Little Pink Houses of Hope at a week-long beach retreat for families dealing with breast cancer. This organization ministered to us in 2012, so it has been a special and fun opportunity to serve other families in the same way.

    We had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. My dad flew down from South Carolina on Thanksgiving morning to spend a month with us. We were also joined by my mom & stepdad, my sister, Kelley, and her family, and a friend, Antonio.

    Thanks for your love, prayers, and encouragement. We wish you a Joyous Christmas season and an excellent New Year!

    November 2015

    October was a good month for our programming here at NTM. We finished the programs for the year-end 1095 IRS forms, had a couple planning meetings with Qwantech, recorded another NTMAA training video, and made progress toward emailing year-end donation statements - all behind the scenes tasks, but with the end goal of helping to reach the unreached. Thanks for being part of the team with us!

    Around our home, we also made some good progress last month - clearing weeds & grass and removing roots & excess dirt in a couple large weedy areas, and then putting down cypress mulch in the one area and grass seed in the other. Inside, we hung some blackout curtains in our bedroom - to hopefully help Paula sleep better; she would appreciate your prayer in this regard.

    Meanwhile, Joy has started researching scholarships and applying to some colleges (SSC and College of the Ozarks for starters). We appreciate your continued prayer for her also, as she seeks the Lord's guidance in her future plans.

    October 2015

    Here's some of our latest news & updates from the Oliver family:
    • September 17-20, I flew up to Newberry, SC, to spend a couple days with my dad. We had a great time - visiting, walking, eating together, making daily trips to the post office. While there, I was also able to help him set up his new wireless printer.
    • At home, we've started some landscaping projects - adding some snow white marble chips in one area and pine bark nuggets in another weedy area. At present, we're working on removing weeds, roots, and some excess dirt from another larger area, near our oak tree, preparing to add a layer of cypress mulch.
    • At NTM, we recently decided to hire a Canadian company, Qwantech, to help us with our new system design, programming (Javascript and C#), and programmer training - as we embark on a multi-year migration of our NTMAA system to the web.
    • Our girls are keeping busy with their classes - online and at Seminole State College. Both girls are taking College Algebra as an evening class; in addition, Joy is taking Environmental Science and Art History, while Hannah is taking English 2 and Intro to the Teaching Profession. We would appreciate prayer for Joy especially, as this is her last year of high school, and she is desiring the Lord's guidance in her future plans.

    September 2015

    August was another full month for our family. We had a driveway sale on the 8th, to clear out accumulated boxes of books - with the proceeds going to NTM missionaries and projects.

    The next day, our girls rode up to Gainesville for Camp Kesem, a week-long camp for kids whose families have been impacted by cancer. Our girls love this camp and had a great time. Hannah was a camper; Joy was a CIT (Counselor in Training).

    On the 15th (Paula's birthday), we flew up to Tellico Plains, TN for a four day vacation visiting one of Hannah's online teachers (who has a vacation home up in the mountains). We got to hike the mountain, visit waterfalls and a trout hatchery, ride their horses, pan for gold, and even learn how to shoot a rifle and a handgun.

    Joy continues to work part-time at a local jewelry store. Hannah has been earning a little money typing and also taking care of a neighbor's dog. Nicholas is still working for Universal Studios.

    On the 24th, classes started back up at SSC (Seminole State College), where our girls are each taking three dual-enrollment courses. At NTM, I'm busy programming for the new 1095 forms.

    August 2015

    July was a full month, as most months are. On July 1, Joy took and passed (with flying colors) her driving test! Then on July 4, Paula flew up to Newberry, SC, to help my dad for two weeks, as he's been dealing with some health issues - thanks, Paula!

    Joy was able to participate in a week long Summer Instrumental Academy, culminating in an evening concert at the St. Andrews Conservatory of Music. Check out our videos on

    On July 20, a team from Exeter Bible Church (in Birdsboro, PA) came and helped us with pressure washing, re-laying pavers, weeding, and cleaning. We appreciated their help and fellowship!

    The following Saturday, we had a busy yard sale at our house, to benefit Little Pink Houses of Hope (, which provides week-long beach retreats for families dealing with breast cancer.

    At NTM, I recently completed three more training videos - of our NTMAA receipting process. We also helped our Jackson Bible Institute transition to statement subaccounts for their students.

    Meanwhile, Hannah is keeping busy with school and a couple jobs (typing for a missionary co-worker, and walking a neighbor's dog).

    July 2015

    Christmas in July! We realize it's a bit early for Christmas greetings, but it's still a good time to remember Jesus - His birth, His death for our sins, burial, and resurrection, and His gift of eternal life!

    Many folks, though, have not yet heard the good tidings of great joy. Thanks for your partnership with us - helping to reach them with the good news of Christ and His free gift of salvation!

    At NTM, I had opportunity this past month to provide a week of NTMAA training for two of our NTM bookkeepers who serve in Bolivia.

    Later in the month, Joy and Hannah enjoyed a great week at FUGE camp in Ridgecrest, NC, with other church youth; then, on June 28, Joy had her 18th birthday!

    June 2015

    May was a hard month. Paula flew back to Tucson on May 1, to spend a little more time with her mom, whose health was deteriorating. She was scheduled to return on May 8, but with her mom's condition worsening, she delayed her return. Her mom died the morning of May 9, the day before Mother's Day.

    After a time of grieving, a memorial service, and helping her sisters, Paula returned home on May 19. We've appreciated very much the encouragement and sympathy cards we've received.

    Shortly after her return, we found a short notice vacation opportunity in Daytona Beach (thanks to my mom & stepdad sharing some of their vacation points with us), so we enjoyed a special family vacation May 24-29.

    Meanwhile, Nicholas has moved to a new apartment in Orlando, closer to his jobs at Universal and Disney. Hannah had a great time and received several awards at her annual FLVS (Florida Virtual School) Club Day (May 30) in Orlando.

    While Paula was away, I finally replaced our kitchen faucet (a special surprise for Paula), and also replaced our soffit vents (to improve attic ventilation). Now I need to make time for some needed repairs and maintenance on our automotive vehicles.

    May 2015

    We celebrated Hannah's 16th birthday with a special day of surprises, a fun birthday party, and surprise meals (on different days) with two of her favorite online teachers and a camp counselor.

    Paula is in Tucson, spending another week with her sisters and her mom, whose health is deteriorating. Our girls spent the weekend at a special youth missions weekend in Orlando, so for a couple days, it was just Marley & Me!

    At NTM, we recently met with two consultants, discussing possible platforms and programming languages, as we look to eventually migrate our NTMAA accounting system to the web.

    April 2015

    During a recent visit to the eye specialist (concerning Hannah's double vision), Paula asked about eye exercises to strengthen her muscles. The eye doctor agreed that it might be worth trying, so we purchased some special software, and thus far Hannah reports some improvement - thank the Lord and keep praying!

    At NTM, we've started working on the new 1094/1095 IRS forms that NTM will need to provide member employees at year-end - to fulfill the new ACA (aka, Obamacare) reporting requirements.

    Paula recently returned from a short notice trip to Tucson, AZ. Her mom's health has been deteriorating, so Paula and her sister, Kathy, flew out to see their mom & help their two other sisters (who live in Tucson).

    March 2015

    A couple weekends ago, Joy had an opportunity to speak at a conference in Miami, Hannah was away at a youth retreat, and Nicholas, of course, lives down in Orlando now. Paula and I felt like empty nesters. Joy did a nice job on her speech about breast cancer metastisis, titled "The Elephant in the Pink Room".

    Last week, we enjoyed some time with two of Paula's sisters - Kathy (who splits her time between Vermont and Ft. Pierce, FL) and Betsy (from AZ). We appreciate them stopping by!

    This past weekend, we blew 52 bags of cellulose insulation into our attic, bringing it up to about an R30 level. It was quite a challenging project, one that we're glad to have behind us, but we're looking forward now to some savings on our electric bills.

    Paula is making great progress on her raw food boot camp diet and exercise program. She's lost nearly 50 lbs. thus far - in 11 weeks! She walks two hours each day and is really enjoying having our new family member, Marley, as her walking partner.

    February 2015

    Have your heard our big news - we have a new family member! Weve adopted!

    Marley is an Australian cattle dog mix, a former stray that we adopted from Animal Services. Hes calm and friendly, a lovable fellow that has already won our hearts; for our girls, hes a dream come true.

    Joy & Hannah with Marley - a dream come true for 
      our girls!

    Speaking of our girls, their dual enrollment classes have started up again at SSC (Seminole State College). Joy is taking a Digital Photography class; Hannahs taking Speech and English 1101.

    At NTM, Im continuing to record training videos for our NTMAA purchasing/inventory/sales module and, of course, providing ongoing support for our NTMAA system to our fellow missionaries (those that use our NTMAA system) in the U.S. and around the world.

    At the 305 (as a friend affectionately refers to our house), were planning to add some blow-in insulation to the attic, so weve been installing ventilation baffles to maintain air flow from the soffit vents. Our roof has a fairly low pitch, so it's been a challenge to get the baffles installed, but we're hoping for a nice reduction in our electric bills this summer.

    Paula is doing well, is back on track with exercise and eating healthy, and is happy to have lost 35 lbs. over recent weeks.

    Marley & Me -  I was the one who was reluctant to 
      get a dog!

    January 2015

    December 30 was our 25th wedding anniversary and Paula's 4th cancer-versary, four years since Paula's doctor found a cancerous lump in her breast; we are thankful that Paula is continuing to do well!

    With Paula's root canal and crown, Joy's wisdom teeth extraction, and Hannah's new braces, 2014 was, for us, the year of the teeth.

    It was also our year of kitchen leaks - with leaks from a refrigerator drain pan, then the " water line to the refrig, and finally, a copper drain pipe (inside the wall)! We're about ready to re-do the kitchen floor for the fourth time now - but on a more positive note, it's been a good opportunity to gain more experience with laminate flooring!

    Nicholas is continuing to work full-time at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, renting a room from a family closer to where he works.

    Joy and Hannah are still in high school, but are also both taking SSC classes as dual-enrollment students (receiving high school and college credit for the classes). Joy enjoys her weekly piano lessons and Hannah has started weekly gymnastics lessons.

    We appreciate your continued prayers for Hannah, as she's been having some double-vision and the ophthalmologists have not yet found a good solution to eliminate it.

    Here are some of our praise and prayer requests for 2015:


    • Thank God for His great salvation and the work He is doing around the world, reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ. Pray that He would continue to raise up folks to partner with us in this important task - through going, giving, and praying.
    • Thank God for our three precious children, Nicholas, Joy, and Hannah. Pray that they will come to know, love, and serve God, develop in maturity, and walk with the Lord.
    • Pray for us in our relationships: with God, with each other, with our children, with others - that we would be the man & woman, husband & wife, Dad & Mom that God wants us to be.
    • Thank God for our nice home here in Sanford, for the friends who helped us get it fixed up, and for safety during the repairs.
    • Pray for Hannah and for wisdom in eliminating her double vision.
    • Paula would appreciate prayer, as she seeks to find a good balance with a healthy diet and exercise, getting back to her goal weight.
    • Pray for guidance regarding the future of our NTMAA system.
    • Pray that God would give us humble hearts and make us a real blessing with family, friends, neighbors, believers, and unbelievers.

    Thanks for your love, prayers, and encouragement!