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Oliver Family Updates - 2007
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    Last Updated on August 25, 2017
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    November 2007

    Thanks for your prayers - we had a successful trip to our NTM Canada headquarters in Durham, Ontario, helping the finance office transition to our NTMAA accounting system. Paula & the kids had a nice trip to Greenville, SC, stopping overnight with my dad & stepmom, spending time with friends, and meeting the kids HomeSat teachers at BJU. I'm starting now to work with our bookkeepers in Mozambique and Indonesia (in preparation for their transition to our NTMAA system).

    October 2007

    By the time you receive this, I should be up in Durham, Ontario helping install our NTMAA accounting system at NTM Canada headquarters. Paula and the kids are planning to drive up to Greenville, SC on Oct. 5 to visit some friends and also meet the kids HomeSat teachers at Bob Jones University. Nicholas has a really nice smile now as he got his braces off on Sept. 18, just two weeks before his 14th birthday (Oct. 1). Sept. 23 was a special day also, as I had the opportunity to baptize our 8 year old daughter, Hannah. We received an email in early August from a friend & relative, Clark McClelland. Sensing that his time on earth was nearly complete, Clark was saying goodbye, encouraging us to walk with the Lord and live for Him. Even after many years of faithful service to the Lord, Clark signed off as "a poor sinner saved by matchless grace." On Sept. 16 we received word from his son that Clark had gone to be with the Lord. We appreciated Clark's reminder that our time on earth is short; only what is done for Christ will last.

    September 2007

    We have started our new school year at OFHS (Oliver Family Home School) with Nicholas in the 8th grade, Joy in 5th grade, and Hannah in 3rd grade. The girls are also enjoying AWANA and gymnastics, and all three kids are starting something new - a Christian speech class/club that meets here in Sanford. In other family news: Paula had her 49th birthday on Aug. 15 (she says she feels like she's in her 20's, though), we enjoyed the annual NTM Labor Day picnic, and Nicholas is looking forward to getting his braces off (after 2.5 years) on Sept. 18. At NTM, we have been enhancing our NTMAA system and are planning to travel back to NTM Canada headquarters Oct. 1-12 for an installation & training trip; it's exciting to see our NTMAA system helping to meet our Canadian co-workers needs also. Meanwhile, our NTM fields of Mozambique and Indonesia have asked us to come install our accounting system for them also. It looks like I may have the opportunity to travel to Mozambique in the 1st quarter of 2008 and Indonesia during the 2nd quarter.

    July 2007

    Last month, a co-worker and I spent ten days at our NTM Canada headquarters. We had a profitable time, as we were able to do some on-site testing of our NTMAA system, provide further training for the finance office staff, and identify a number of needed enhancements. Lord-willing, we plan to return in early October to help them transition to our NTMAA system. The NTMC campus is quite large (perhaps 100 acres) and includes both their Headquarters and a Missionary Training Center. We appreciated the opportunity also to meet the MTC students, who were in "Jungle Camp", learning to live for six weeks in simulated "tribal village" conditions in the woods. Back home, we recently celebrated Joy's birthday with a pool party and my birthday with fireworks. (Every year the city of Sanford has a fantastic fireworks display on my birthday, over Lake Monroe, which is right behind NTM headquarters. How kind of them! :). We're thankful too for the good health we've been enjoying; Paula's heels are doing much better (Praise!).

    June 2007

    Paula and I were able to enjoy a special vacation last month, in celebration of our 15th Anniversary and also Paula's recent weight loss. (We've actually been married 17.5 years now, so this vacation celebration was a bit overdue.) We appreciate my Mom and stepdad taking care of our kids while we were away. On May 10 NTM hosted their annual Headquarters Staff appreciation dinner, serving a delicious BBQ dinner and recognizing fellow missionaries who have served here for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or even 35 years. Afterwards, different folks shared skits, comedy, or music, including a funny PowerPoint lecture I wrote titled "The Importanse of Spelling" (which I have posted to our website at We are now in final preparations for our upcoming trip to NTM Canada headquarters in Durham, ON. My co-worker, Nathan Whatley, and I will be heading up to do some on-site testing of our NTMAA system, which we are enhancing for eventual use by our NTM Canada co-workers. We plan to head up on June 18 and then return on June 28 (which is Joy's 10th birthday!).

    May 2007

    Paula and I are planning to take a special vacation later this month, in celebration of our 15th anniversary and also celebrating Paula's great progress in losing 100 lbs. and reaching her goal weight! Then, in mid-June, It looks like I'll be heading up to our NTM Canada headquarters for a couple weeks. We have been enhancing our NTM Accounting system for their use and are ready to do some further on-site testing in Canada.

    April 2007

    Here's some News and Praise/Prayer requests from the Oliver family: " I'm working on enhancing our NTMAA system for installation at NTM Canada headquarters and also helping our NTBI Jackson bookstore. " Hannah is looking forward to her eighth birthday on April 18. She and Joy recently competed in an AWANA Olympics and their teams won! " Praise: Several volunteer auto mechanics traveled down from Ohio to help here at NTM headquarters for a couple weeks, performing repairs and maintenance on many missionary vehicles here, including ours. " Please pray for Ellie Skees, an eight year old friend who is battling stage IV neuroblastoma cancer and is having a very hard time. Her weblog at has more details on her situation.

    February 2007

    On Feb. 10, John arrived safely home from a successful 3 week trip to Senegal (West Africa). John and a co-worker, Virgil Wuthrich, installed the NTM Accounting system and provided training for the finance office, supply buyer, & personnel administrator. On March 1, John is planning to fly up to Jackson, MI to provide some software training for our NTBI bookstore and then to participate in the annual missions conference at Skiff Lake Bible Church. Pray that he will be a blessing.

    January 2007

    We hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years holiday. On Christmas Eve we drove to Howey-in-the-Hills (about an hour from Sanford) to spend a little time with my sister and brother-in-law (and their kids) and my mom & stepdad. Paula then enjoyed a week-long trip to Tucson, visiting her mother & sisters, friends, and also a supporting church there in Tucson. Meanwhile, we're keeping busy In our Computer Services department here at NTM headquarters. On January 22, I'm planning to fly over to Senegal (West Africa) along with our accountant to set up our NTMAA accounting system and help train the bookkeepers and supply buyers there. We've recently completed our 2006 Annual Report and thought you might like a copy. It includes an update on our family, our ministry, and our finances, as well as some praise and prayer requests for the new year.